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User Group Aims:

      * To exchange Linux and Open Source Software knowledge and
      * To encourage the use of Linux and Open Source Software

Mailing list and website rules:

      * We abide by the rules of the provider of the mailing lists and
        venues. Please respect this.  On our main mailing list, hosted
        by Naos, this means no advertising on the list or website.  At
        all.  However, notifying others of GNU/Linux media available for
        swap when a new distribution is released is acceptable.

      * If you are looking to get rid of old computer equipment you may
        want to join the recompute-wellington mailing list:

        <recompute-wellington+subscribe at googlegroups.com>

Mailing list Guidelines:

      * The purpose behind these guidelines is to clarify what you need
        to do to help WellyLUG create an effective and enjoyable
        atmosphere that will foster a sense of community.
      * They are by their nature optional but are designed to help
        facilitate smoother interpersonal relations. These are not
        rules. They are simply some common sense practical tips to help
        keep our LUG humming. Humming is good 
      * Try to keep all commentary civil, and be courteous. Try to
        refrain from using coarse or insulting language. Constructive
        criticism in the spirit of genuine dialogue is welcome, but
        insults directed towards other members will not be well
      * Some people are interested in the political aspects of free and
        open source software. Others are more interested from a hobbyist
        perspective. The LUG embraces both.
      * If you are in serious conflict with someone by e-mail, take a
        deep breath and wait an hour or sleep on it before replying! 
        And if it still winds you up, then take it off list.

Keep in mind the following:

      * It's a much better feeling to resolve a conflict in a way that
        improves the relationship you have with your fellow members,
        which benefits everyone including yourself.
      * Look beyond short term frustrations to the longer term future of
        the group.
      * Sometimes people might have a bad day. Forgive them, no one is
        immune to a visit from Mr Grumpy.
      * Clarify individual perceptions involved in the conflict. You
        can't solve a problem if you don't know what it is about.
      * Sort the parts of the conflict -- ask what it is about. Avoid
        ghost conflicts -- get to the heart of the matter and avoid side
        issues. (Ghost conflicts where the heart of the problems are not
        being dealt with directly, and instead minor or side matters are
        given all the attention. Can happen when people are upset or
        irritable with each other, or when the real conflict is deemed
        too sensitive).
      * Clarify what, if any, values are involved.
      * If you pause to think about it, you may recognise that the
        parties involved need each other to be most effective in forming
        a healthy LUG community.
      * Additionally, clarify your perceptions of the other party. Avoid
        stereotyping. Try to listen carefully.
      * Recognise the other's needs and values. Try to empathise -- ask
        why they feel the way they do. Clear up misconceptions you may
        have of them.


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