[wellylug] OT: chipsets & JBOD

Richard Hector richard at walnut.gen.nz
Fri Feb 9 03:10:52 UTC 2018

Will that do it? I don't have one of these machines, and I'm not
particularly familiar with setting up modern hardware; I'm trying to
figure out whether to recommend it for a client. And I've come across
enough RAID solutions in the past that won't do JBOD, to be wary.


On 09/02/18 07:50, Daniel Reurich wrote:
> Set the sata ports to AHCI mode?
> On 08/02/18 18:51, Richard Hector wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone know if the Intel c612 chipset, common on SuperMicro
>> servers, supports JBOD? As usual, they list all the RAID modes it
>> supports, but say nothing of disabling them altogether ...
>> Thanks,
>> Richard

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