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Hi WellyLUG,

Linux.Conf.Au 2019 is being held in Christchurch, New Zealand at the end 
of January 2019 (21-25 January).  Early Bird tickets are on sale *this 
month* (https://linux.conf.au/attend/tickets/).

As usual at LCA, we (Simon Lyall and I) are running a System 
Administration Miniconf at LCA2019, and we're looking for your proposals 
for presentations:


Please pass this on anywhere else you think people might be interested.

The LCA2019 Sysadmin Miniconf CFP text is included below for your 


PS: The Sysadmin Miniconf is part of LCA2019; you'll need a ticket to 
LCA2019 to attend/speak.  Grab your ticket for LCA2019 while the Early 
Bird pricing is available :-)

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Call for Presentations
Linux.conf.au 2019 Systems Administration Miniconf

There will be a one day mini conference on Linux Systems Administration
held as part of linux.conf.au 2019. LCA2019 will be held in
Christchurch, New Zealand on 21 - 25 January 2019.

The organisers of the Systems Administration Miniconf would like
to invite proposals for presentations to be delivered at the Miniconf.
Please forward this CFP to your colleagues, peers, social networks,
and other relevant mailing lists. Please help by encouraging
submissions from people you would like to hear present at this

This is our 13th Sysadmin Miniconf at Linux.conf.au. Previous
presentations can be found at the website:


Presentation Topics

We welcome talks on best current practice, new developments in
Systems Administration, cutting edge techniques and technologies,
and ways to better manage Linux environments large and small.

Topics for presentations could include (but are not limited to):

     Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
     Kubernetes / Docker / Containers / Orchestration
     Infrastructure/Platform/Software as a Service (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS)
     Sysadmin Administration in a "serverless" environment (FAAS)
     DevOps and SysAdmin Culture
     Systems Administration Best Practice
     Monitoring and metrics. Collection, storage and presentation
     Networkng: IPv6, SDN (Software Defined Networking), performance
     DevOps, Configuration Management and provisioning
     Bootstrapping systems, Lifecycle Management
     Dealing with BYOD
     Backups in a virtual/distributed world
     Troubleshooting techniques
     Keeping legacy systems functioning
     War stories from the "Real World"

Presentations should be of a technical nature and speakers should
assume that members of the audience have at least a couple of years
experience in professional Unix/Linux administration (many in the
audience will have decades of experience).

Format of Presentations

We are now seeking proposals for presentations at the mini-conference.
We have openings for:

     15-25 minute short presentations
     5-10 minute "lightning talks"

Please note, due to the single day available (and whole-LCA opening
before morning tea), we expect the majority of available timeslots
to be 20 minutes or less, with possibly 1-2 slightly longer talks
if there is space in the schedule.

We have a general policy of accepting a high proportion of proposals
but handing out relatively short timeslots. Please see previous
years Miniconf schedules for examples of how the programme is

Submitting talks

Please note that in order to give a presentation or attend the
Miniconf you must be registered (and paid up by the time the
conference happens) for the main linux.conf.au conference. Presenting
at the Miniconf does not entitle you to discounted or free registration
at the main conference nor to priority with registration. Unfortunately
the Miniconf has no budget for sponsorship of speakers.

To submit a talk to the LCA2019 Sysadmin Miniconf, create an account
on the LCA2019 website:


create a speaker profile, and then select "SysAdmin Miniconf Talk"
(in the "New Proposal" section of the Dashboard), or while logged
into the LCA2019 site, go directly to:


Please pick a preferred length for your presentation from Short
Presentation (15/20/25 minutes) or Lightning Talk (5/10 minutes)
in the submission form; if you could do either (with more or less
detail) use the Private Abstract field to describe the options and
what you would prefer. In some cases we maybe able to add a few
extra minutes to a few Short Presentations if there is any spare
time left in the programme. Use the Private Abstract field to let
us know a few more minutes would be useful for your presentation.

Questions should be sent to:

lca2019 at sysadmin.miniconf.org

Dates and Deadlines

To encourage early submissions, priority (both of inclusion and
scheduling) will be given to presentations submitted by 23:59 (any
time zone) on 31st of October 2018. If you have a good presentation
idea, please let us know early, even if you need time to finalise
the presentation abstract. Please let us know directly if you need
an early confirmation to assist you in arranging time off work or
travel; we will do our best to help.

     2018-10-31 - Deadline for early submissions
     2018-11-18 - Deadline for submissions
     2018-12-04 - LCA2019 Sysadmin Miniconf programme published
     2019-01-21 - LCA2019 Sysadmin Miniconf held (Christchurch, NZ)

Contact and Questions

Please see our website at https://sysadmin.miniconf.org for more
information on the miniconf, past presentations and presenting at it.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the organisers at:

lca2019 at sysadmin.miniconf.org
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