Wellylug and the future

Jamie Dobbs jamie.dobbs at paradise.net.nz
Sat Jul 22 10:16:48 NZST 2000

Hi all

Given that we only had 3 people (including myself) turn up at the last
meeting I have to ask the question 'what do people want from the group?'.

I'd like to see people telling us what they want, and perhaps even some
people to volunteer to lead discussions on various topics. Some ideas that
were discussed at the first meeting are on the website
http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/lug/ , perhaps peope would like to say what
they'd like to see at the next meeting which in on August 14.

I want to see the group continue and be successful, but if we are not going
to get the support of the members perhaps we need to look at what we are
doing and ask the members what they want.

I look forward to some positive replies to the list on what you'd like to
see happening.


- Jamie -

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