[wellylug] Wellylug and the future

Matt Dee matthew at qssl.co.nz
Sat Jul 22 21:36:46 NZST 2000

I would actually like to attent the meetings.
Sorry I didn't last week, but I had broken up with my girlfriend two
days before, and wanted to spend time with friends instead. (Er, let's
just say it was a bad week for me...)

If meetings are going to be out, how about turning this into an active
discussion list instead? As opposed to a question answer list?

Having said that, I would still be interested in the meetings. I'm
gonna get an external (i.e. NON WinModem) this week or next, plus a new
HDD so I should hopefully be switching to Linux as my main OS - gotta
keep Win for games tho ;-)


Jamie Dobbs wrote:
> Hi all
> Given that we only had 3 people (including myself) turn up at the last
> meeting I have to ask the question 'what do people want from the group?'.
> I'd like to see people telling us what they want, and perhaps even some
> people to volunteer to lead discussions on various topics. Some ideas that
> were discussed at the first meeting are on the website
> http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/lug/ , perhaps peope would like to say what
> they'd like to see at the next meeting which in on August 14.
> I want to see the group continue and be successful, but if we are not going
> to get the support of the members perhaps we need to look at what we are
> doing and ask the members what they want.
> I look forward to some positive replies to the list on what you'd like to
> see happening.
> Thanks
> - Jamie -
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