[wellylug] This any use as a Linux box?

Lorraine Offord & Tony Wills ajwills at paradise.net.nz
Mon Dec 10 18:35:54 NZDT 2001


I thought all Pentiums were basically twice as fast as 486s at the same
clock speed?

I find that SCSI drives tend to sell for less second hand than the equiv
size IDE, simply because there is a smaller market.

I think most of the boxes also contain a 3com eisa ethernet card, and an
extra isa scsi card originally used for a tapedrive or something. 

I've found the EISA motherboard setup files on the net, so can now freely
add/remove eisa cards.

I'll let you know progress .... If anyone thinks they've got a use for this
sort of box, let me know, I'll make their owner an offer ... otherwise I
think they're destined for scrap (ie their value is precisely that of their
re-useable component parts)

So what's 32MB EDO RAM, 1x EISA SCSI, 1x EISA Ethernet, 1xFDD, 1xPentium 66
CPU worth?

--- Tony

At 10:29 10-12-01 +1300, kuhlmav at elec.canterbury.ac.nz wrote:
>> Unisys PW2 Premier SVE/66 Server
>Seems like it's been a high-spec machine at the time. It'll be fine
>with linux provided all the hardware bits are recognised and there
>are drivers for them (seems likely). The speed will be the same as a
>486DX2-66. It would still be good as a web server. The cost of the SCSI
>drives might make other solutions preferable. The network card would be
>$35 (ISA 10Mbit/s).

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