[wellylug] This any use as a Linux box?

Lorraine Offord & Tony Wills ajwills at paradise.net.nz
Tue Dec 11 22:15:49 NZDT 2001

Just weighed one, about 28kg (but thats with my 2gig SCSI hdd, so a little
less), with minmal packaging might be able to persuade couriers it's only
25kg (their usual limit), probably $20 to $30 to ship around the country by
economy courier.

Checked out the possibility of installing standard AT motherboard.  The
case has no hole for the AT keyboard DIN connector, but you could cut one
... the layout of the slots is pretty standard, may have to drill new hole
for mounting posts.  The power supply has standard AT connectors.

Well my estimate of their worth as parts is:
$30 32MB EDO (maybe fastpage)
$15 EISA SCSI-II card
$5  EISA Ethernet card
$10 FDD
$2  Pentium 66 :-)

So I expect if we offered them $50 each (discount because they don't have
to do any work dismantling them) they'd probably be happy ... any thoughts
(or revisions to valuations?)

Maybe if we take the lot (pallet load, maybe 20) we could get it down to
$30 each??? ...

I had trouble installing FreeBSD 4.1, got halfway thru booting install
floppy, and complains can't find boot device (the floppy!) ... funny BIOS
methinks.  Installed BSD on a SCSI drive via a different machine, dropped
drive into this box, works fine.
Tried installing Mandrake 7.1 (again booting from floppy), gets to stage
II, reads ide cdrom ok, finds SCSI controller and attached HDD but
complains there are no devices to install itself on (tried same thing on
completely different EISA box using same controller gives same complaint)
Installed Win95 no problems at all :-(

--- Tony

To bring you up to speed, we're discussing the following which are
currently being stripped for their scrap value.

Unisys PW2 Premier SVE/66 Server
* Intel Pentium 66 CPU
* 32MB RAM
* EISA SCSI-II controller
* EISA Ethernet card
* IDE, Floppy, Serial, Parallel sockets
* 1.44MB FDD
* EISA Bus (10 sockets)
* VLBus Sockets (2 sockets)
* 16x 72pin SIMM sockets (4MB SIMMs gives you 64MB, 64MB SIMMs gives you 1GB!)
* 11x 5.25" drive mounting bays
* 2x 3.5" drive mounting bays
* 230W Power supply
* Fat Tower Case (with wheels)

NB no CDROM, Screen, nor HDDs included.

At 09:18 11-12-01 +1300, Arnim Littek <arnim at med-dev.co.nz> wrote:
>On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Lorraine Offord & Tony Wills wrote:
>> So what's 32MB EDO RAM, 1x EISA SCSI, 1x EISA Ethernet, 1xFDD, 1xPentium 66
>> CPU worth?
>I could use one as a firewall.  Or maybe two.  But, for basic firewall
>hardware, I would not pay much more than $100 each.  
>I've not been following this thread, but if they're outside of
>Wellington region, the shipping gets to be problematic.
>Hope that helps.

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