[wellylug] Open Office

Stephen Judd sljudd at paradise.net.nz
Mon Dec 10 22:52:44 NZDT 2001

Thought you folks might be interested to hear this.

I installed Open Office tonight. There were a few hiccups: it's not well
documented that there's a separate install procedure for multiple users.
(You have to run "./setup -net" as root, choose "Custom Install", then
as the intended user go to the OO program directory and rerun setup).

It works a treat! A trifle slow to start, but fine after that, and it
sucked in humongous Word docs with complex table borders, embedded
screenshots and sundry bogosity without complaint. It consumes about 50
MB on its own - opening a 4MB Word doc took that up to 64 MB (3 or 4 big
bitmaps in there though).

I feel disloyal to poor Abiword, but so many docs I open in Abiword from
Word send AW into a swap-sucking tailspin. So Abiword may still be my
authoring tool of choice, but all things that start out as MS Word are
going to Open Office from now on.

I now have no reason to install Windows (except to play my daughter's
CDROMs :-)


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