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Martin Baehr mbaehr at email.archlab.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Jun 13 16:05:46 NZST 2001

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 03:51:06PM +1200, Klenner, Colin wrote:
> ?are you sure?
> ?fdisk does not report nonactive primary partitions as hidden.
> FDISK (any flavour) will report all partitions, and is too low level to show
> which is hidden or not. It will show which Primary partition is Active. 

but earlier the claim was that mandrake showed the partition as hidden.
ok i guess then that is the way the mandrake tool does it.

> ?you can also change the active flag using linux fdisk
> ?solutions 2 and 3 are overkill, and not what you want.
> ?there is NOTHING wrong with having multiple primary partitions.
> ?linux does not care about the difference.
> ?linux also does not need a partition marked active to boot from it.
> Linux may not care, but that does nothing to help expose a hidden partition,
> as in this case. Making sure you have only one primary partition created by
> DOS/Win is the only way to avoid the situation. It will be the first
> partition on the disk. Additional partitions (for DOS/WIN or even NT) should
> be Extended, not Primary when on the same disk.

i don't follow you.
i thought that in order to boot dos from a partition
it had to be set to active.
where do you get the requirement that only one primary partition 
is allowed to exist?

the original question was how to boot dos from a hidden partition
we have established that to "unhide" the active flag needs to be set.
but i have never heared about that there must only be one primary partition
or that it must be the first partition on the disk.

but then, i could be completely mistaken, it has been 8 years that i had
a dual boot system, so what do i know :-)

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