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Thanks Martin, perhaps I was too wordy.

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On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 08:22:57AM +1200, Klenner, Colin wrote:
> A hidden partition occurs when there are two or more 'primary' partitions
> the same disk.
> When you boot from one, the other is automatically hidden because it is
> marked as 'active'.

?are you sure?
?fdisk does not report nonactive primary partitions as hidden.
FDISK (any flavour) will report all partitions, and is too low level to show
which is hidden or not. It will show which Primary partition is Active. 

?are you saying that dos changes the partition type of tne non-active
?partitions as it boots?

Neither DOS nor Linux change the partition table when booting. However if
there are two primary partitions DOS/Win/NT will 'hide' one of them - the
one not booted from...

?however if you are right then:

> 1. When you wish to boot from the other partition use a floppy boot and
> FDISK. In FDISK choose which partition you wish to make 'active' and that
> becomes the partition you will boot from.

?you can also change the active flag using linux fdisk

> 2. Alternately - and hopefully the partition you want is not the first one
> on the disk - delete the offending partition altogether and recreate it
> an 'extended' partition.
> 3. If you can, and have the time, delete the Mandrake partitions and
> recreate them from the ground up.

?solutions 2 and 3 are overkill, and not what you want.
?there is NOTHING wrong with having multiple primary partitions.
?linux does not care about the difference.
?linux also does not need a partition marked active to boot from it.

Linux may not care, but that does nothing to help expose a hidden partition,
as in this case. Making sure you have only one primary partition created by
DOS/Win is the only way to avoid the situation. It will be the first
partition on the disk. Additional partitions (for DOS/WIN or even NT) should
be Extended, not Primary when on the same disk.

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