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Michael Dittmer michael.dittmer at paradise.net.nz
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I have tried using a 2GB drive, but by the time you add the swap space +
Home you run out of space very quickly. Personally I would use a 4GB drive
(includes swap space + home).

Remember that the above 4GB number includes the DevTools being installed,
but even without the DevTools I would recommend 4GB minimum.

My setup here at home is on a 20GB drive (10GB Lycoris (includes swap +
home) & 10Gb Win98)...I have my main storage on another 20GB and 30GB drive
which are Fat32 partitions so that I can use them in Win98 as well.

Any questions anyone may have, I'll try to answer them on Monday at the



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How much space does a generic vanilla Lycoris install take?  a gig or

> Subject: RE: [wellylug] Meeting ideas
> Hi All...
> Totally off subject to what Jamie was saying, I can do an install of
> the
> latest Lycoris Beta build if anyone is interested. I will also setup
> Pure-FTPd as well since I use it on a day-to-day basis. I will probably
> include an install of the latest OpenOffice 1.1 RC 1 as well.
> Anyone interested for this Monday?
> Regards
> Michael

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