[wellylug] Installfest????

Jamie Dobbs jamie.dobbs at orcon.net.nz
Thu Aug 14 18:33:34 NZST 2003

We touched on this briefly last meeting and it was felt that it is
indeed time for another INSTALLFEST.
How should we go about organizing this one?
I don't have a lot of time at the moment but wil try and help.

On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 18:30, Wood Brent wrote:
> I guess this is primarily to Colin & Lindsay as the main organisers of the last
> installfest, but anyone with an interest please feel free to comment.
> With the relative success of the last installfest (given the facilities, we
> couldn't have handled many more) we casually mentioned at the time summat about
> doing it again later in the year.
> Well, it is now later, & with Windows viruses generating interest in Linux, as
> well as the recent GOVIS seminar in Wgtn as well as other recent examples
> (Munich springs to mind), it would seem timely to look at planning another
> installfest.
> I guess we first need to sort out when would be a good date, allowing for
> plenty of time to get everything organised.
> My feeling is that if we are going to, then somewhere between mid October & mid
> November would not be too near Christmas/summer & gives us plenty of time.
> Any comments/opinions/ideas???
> Brent Wood

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