[wellylug] big mistake

Ewen McNeill wellylug at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Tue Aug 26 15:40:30 NZST 2003

In message <20030826032934.13B5982B4C at smtp-1.paradise.net.nz>, Edouard Chalaron 
>Got rid of a txt file I should not !!! bummer me !
>Is there a way I can recover it ?

- Restore from backup.
- Recreate it
- If you're using an ext2 file system, you might be able to recover it 
  using debugfs to dump out the deleted file (depends on whether it's 
  been overwritten or not -- I've been lucky sometimes and not others)

If you're not using ext2 (or 3) then the file is pretty much gone.
AFAIK nothing else provides suitable tools for file recovery.

If it's a small file then simply recreating it might be easiest.


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