[wellylug] Debian and Gnome 2

Bret Comstock Waldow bwaldow at alum.mit.edu
Fri May 9 12:02:45 NZST 2003


Due to tales of woe detailed in another message, and for other, more
fundamental reasons, I'm considering switching to Debian.

One app I want to use is gnomemeeting, at a version that will
interoperate with NetMeeting (rellies overseas).  That means Gnome 2.

I've done a trial install of Woody, and it seems happy enough on my T21
Thinkpad, but it comes with Gnome 1.4.

Is anyone running Debian with Gnome 2?  The web has some instructions,
and they don't sound horrendous.  How well does it work?

Thanks for any feedback.


Bret Comstock Waldow <bwaldow at alum.mit.edu>

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