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Eugene Van Wyk Eugene.VanWyk at 4rf.com
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Sounds like another great idea.  

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What I'd love to see is a small linux course set up where we get hold of

one of the sets of online course materials (or maybe a good textbook)
setup a regular hobby class, perhaps meeting once a week (maybe on 
weekends).  If we're working to set material then we're not dependant on

some particular individual being available at every class, but when an 
expert on a particular topic is available it would be a bonus ...

I personally find a presentation or lecture style session a lot less
than a hands on interactive style of learning ...

I envision keeping to small groups, perhaps only 4 or 5 - small enough
have meetings in peoples homes even.

We could also ask members of this User Group to list their areas or 
expertise so we'd know where to ask those curly questions when immediate

clarification was needed.  Of course we could put queries on this
list or go to various newsgroups when a less immediate response would

.... ?

--- Tony

At 22:09 12/05/03 +1200, you wrote:
>This evening I spent some time talking to a gentleman about how we run
>the club and he gave me some valuable insight into the fact that
>we are not as geared towards 'newbies' as we should be. Given this fact
>I would like to suggest the following actions points:
>1. Elect a small committee, in the shape of a chairman, treasurer, and
>person in charge of training materials etc.
>2. Have each meeting structured such that we have an initial
>introduction then break into two separate groups, one aimed at the
>beginners at the far end of the room, the other aimed at intermediate
>advanced users. The beginners group would take the format of a basic
>introductory thing where each month might cover a couple of common
>commands/terms/programs etc. and the other group could cover more
>advanced subjects such as PHP, networking etc.
>I fully accept that this changes the meetings quite a lot and that we
>also need to find people willing (and able) to share their knowledge
>with beginners in an easily understandable way. But I do feel that
>changes would be worth-while and give the group more scope to grow both
>as a group and as a method to try and bring Linux to the community as a
>I would welcome other peoples thoughts on these ideas and would hope
>that this would be the catalyst for an ongoing discussion.
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