[wellylug] Hutt Lug

mangee mangee at nowhere.com
Fri May 16 10:27:44 NZST 2003

A Hutt Valley Lug sounds great... I live in U/Hutt, and work in 
Wellington, but it would be great to have something more local, even if 
it is small.  Whilst I still consider myself in the learning stage of 
linux, i'd be glad to help.


> From: Cameron Hart
> Subject: Re: [wellylug] Hutt Lug
> Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 02:18:14 +1200
> I am also keen on this idea, for two reasons...
> 1. I live in the Hutt.
> 2. I work weekday nights and can't make it to the WellyLUG meetings.
>    (I just hope the intended ValleyLUG wont have meetings on weekday
> nights... :) )
> --Cameron Hart
> On Tuesday 13 May 2003 08:46, you wrote:
>> I am starting to think seriously about starting a new Linux users 
>> group
>> in the Hutt Valley.  I feel that the Wellylug is probably a bit far 
>> away
>> for many people in living in the Hutt Valley.
>> I will try to arrange it so it is roughly 2 weeks from the Wellylug
>> meeting so as to not clash.  Is theere anybody from the Hutt valley 
>> that
>> would like to help in this new venture?
>> I will of course still attend the wellylug meetings.

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