[wellylug] Saturn Cable Modem Setup

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Thu May 22 16:30:27 NZST 2003

email the content of /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcg-eth0

On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 15:22, pmilne at paradise.net.nz wrote:
> Hi Damon
> > Did you resolve this problem?  Should be as simple as setting up a LAN
> > connection.
> Thanks for your interest, and thanks to all others for responses.  
> Unfortunately I do not have a LAN to play with, so my networking 
> knowledge is limited.
> Thus far:
> 1.  Works OK under Windows on same machine so NIC 'card' (on 
> motherboard - standard 3C905B type), cabling and information ex 
> Saturn OK.  Deriving the information needed for Linux but not needed 
> for Windows seems no problem.
> 2.  Linux detects NIC ok when booting up.
> 3.  ifconfig shows that lo and eth0 are set up as expected, lo pings OK.
> 4.  DNS information appears to have found itself a home OK among 
> the /etc files
> 5.  route  command (no parameters) shows that no gateway has been 
> set up, and attempts to set one up using    route add -net etc is 
> rebuffed (  SIOCADDRT: Invalid Argument ).  This is despite trying to 
> set up a gateway via the installation procedure or Cable Modem 
> Providers HOWTO (Debian), or control panel (Mandrake).
> 6.  Presumably ifconfig and route commands should be executed by 
> start-up scripts but locations and names in /etc seem to differ between 
> distributions (and even versions).  Following the Cable Modem 
> Providers HOWTO 'by rote' for the Saturn - Debian example should 
> work, but perhaps things have changed between Slink (2.0) and 
> Woody (3.0).
> 7. Presumably, once things are correctly configured for bootup, then it 
> should be possible for 'Konquerer' or other browsers to access the Net 
> once a user logs in.
> I will swot up more on networks and keep persevering (at least the 
> knowledge gained should help me set up a server).
> Thanks again for comments.
> Regards
> Peter
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