[wellylug] Spam

Richard Hector rhector at paradise.net.nz
Thu May 29 16:29:07 NZST 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 03:53:51PM +1200, Jamie Dobbs wrote:

> I think the time has come to get one of my Linux boxes to get all of my
> email from my ISP (via. Fetchmail most likely). This part I can do without
> too much trouble, but my main issue is what can I use to easily weed out
> Spam from the email received on the accounts that I will be using Fetchmail
> to check (around 6 accounts)?

I'm doing that; all I have at the moment is a couple of procmail rules
that dump some mail that claims to use a Korean character set - I can't
read it even if it isn't spam, so there's no loss there :-) Unfortunately
they're a bit slack with the content-type headers, so I don't get all of it,
and of course I still get everything else. But I do OK by hand on what's
left - mutt is very quick for that :-)

> Also I am at some stage considering getting my own domain name and have
> emails coming to that, the issue there is that since I am on ADSL and don't
> have a fixed IP I guess I'd have to use a multidrop POP? Are there any other
> options?

Well you could just use a dynamic DNS provider, but the gaps in service when
your IP changes might be too big. I'm not risking it yet. I'm watching the
other responses though.


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