[wellylug] Netsaint, Nagios - Any luck with this?

Chris Hodgetts chris at archnetnz.com
Mon Apr 19 16:00:24 NZST 2004

Is anyone using this?

I have just installed it, and when I attempt to start it it says that
it's already running, however when I login it says, in the box that
tells you who has logged in and how long the page will refresh, that it
appears monitoring is not running click here to find out why.

And then I click here, and it says that the status is Unknown but gives
me an uptime.

Also I put in two hosts, and started the pNSClient.exe on the windows
box and nscd (or ncsd) on the Linux box. and although data is coming
back, I only have currently  managed to get it to do ping test.

Anyway, the response on the Status Map is that it's "Apparently Up" or
something =ally bazaar.

Using the Debian Unstable package of this.

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