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Damon Lynch damon at photo.geek.nz
Sat Jul 10 00:04:30 NZST 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 22:17, Ian Beardslee wrote:

> > Nothing against David Harris, I'm sure he's an alright guy, but 
> > Basically, for the quality of the program, I hate Pegasus Mail.  Stay 
> > away from it.  Use Thunderbird -- it's less confusing.
> I think it is a great program (we all entitled to my opinion) and 
> recommend it to people over Outlook Express and would recommend it even 
> more if it was open.

Ian, I personally find David's attitude toward open source


In 2000 he writes "while I'm quite enthusiastic about the idea of a
Linux version of Pegasus Mail, I'm much less enthusiastic about the idea
of open source. To me it is an unproven concept, with the obvious
potential to produce low-quality applications - this is not to demean
existing open source initiatives, many of which are quite good; it's
merely an observation about team programming in general, especially when
the team members are widely-spread, and constantly changing."

In May of this year he writes "My general position about Open Source has
not substantially changed".

Pegasus has some serious bugs.  For one it does a poor job if a folder
has hundreds of messages in it, when it begins to run like treacle and
can start corrupting its display.  It's support for HTML formatted
messages is really rather poor.  Its interface is clunky.  Its IMAP
support was only recently made reasonable.  If he fully open sourced it,
if other developers thought it was an application worth fixing, they
could assist him in resolving these serious problems.

I'm not surprised no one wants to work with him under his existing offer
-- who knows what direction he might take when he retains such tight
control.  I can't help but speculate if he has the right personality to
work in an open source collaborative process.  Hopefully my speculation
is wrong.


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