[wellylug] Partitioning - XFS resizing experience

Nick Jensen spoonfella at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 12 10:43:56 NZST 2004

Hi all, time for my weekly batch of questions.

1. I'm going lightweight these days on an old linux box I've put together, 
running Slackware 9.1. I use fluxbox as my window manager, and like it alot 
- very fast. (I'll keep an eye out for matchbox too, but for now I'm happy). 
In keeping with the lightweight theme, I've also been trying some different 
browsers, because Mozilla's a pig. So far I'm liking dillo, which is super 
fast on my old machine. Not supporting frames is a killer though, and means 
I can't check hotmail, or easily use Google image search. Others I have 
tried are: Netscape / Mozilla - both slow; Galeon - slow; Opera - seems to 
want me to pay for it, or punish me with adds; lynx / links - text based? 
So can anyone help me out here? Something like dillo that's a bit further 
along on the development stage?

2. I'm having problems with programs closing on me. I don't know if it is 
fluxbox doing this, or something more sinister. If I open dillo, for 
example, and do a couple of "open link in new window"'s - which I like to do 
alot - suddenly all of them will close - no error messages or anything. I 
can get around this my opening a new dillo and copying the link over, but 
this is quite frustrating and every once in a while I forget - and dillo 
doesn't have history (which I don't miss, as long as the app stays open 
until I close it). The same kind of thing happens when I use Mozilla, or 
Gimp - basically when any process becomes too big for it's boots.
Is that the problem? Is there a limit of the amount of resources any process 
is allowed? Am I seeing several different bugs and mistaking them for each 
other? Don't tell me these are supposed to be features ...?

I think that's it for now. Thanks in advance - I've been learning a heap 
from the answers I've been given in this forum.


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