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Try kino (http://kino.schirmacher.de/kino)

You can create frames from jpg/png files (using the create function
under the FX tab).  So just create a whole bunch of these - this may
take a while.  Then you can add sound and wipes/effects etc.  It will
export to either mpeg1 or mpeg2, in either VCD, SVCD or DVD format.
Then burn with k3b.


On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 11:44 +1200, Chris Hodgetts wrote:

> Hey, 
> Does anyone know if there is an application that is similar to iMovie
> for Linux?
> I have just had a friend who got Married, and they have asked that I '
> put the Still Photos onto a VCD  / DVD or equivalent with music and
> fades and wipes and dissolves and all that.
> We have a Mac at work, and I have had a look at iMovie and it can do
> what I want to do, but would rather not use works gear to do this,
> (Except burn the DVD) - so what I was wondering is there something in
> Linux that people are using to do this.  
> It doesnt need to do motion, so any application that can combine Still
> Images and music together, and do nice transitions and then export it to
> MPEG1 or something that can then be converted to be able to be played in
> a DVD player.
> Thanks :)
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