[wellylug] Switching wife to Debian

Brian Hoy Brian.Hoy at pivot.co.nz
Sun May 2 15:40:53 NZST 2004

Hi John,

At the risk of starting some sort of flame war, I will none the less ask the
obvious question.  Why are you even bothering?  Presumably your missus is
happy with her current setup otherwise she wouldn't need too much
convincing.  Why create work for yourself to only recreate what she already

I use Debian Linux on my server/development machine and my firewall and have
over sixty Linux servers in production on my client's sites, but I am still
very happy to use Win XP on my laptop.  I could put Linux on it too and
maybe even get the few Win32 apps I need to run on it under Wine/Crossover
Office/VMware/whatever; but why bother...XP works beautifully on it!

Windows is definately the right tool for some jobs.  So at the end of the
day, good judgement and being pragmatic counts for a lot in my opinion.


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> So, I''ve *almost* convinced the wife to switch. I have 3 issues that
> need to be fixed before she will use it full time:
> 1)  MSN avatars.  All her friends use MSN Messenger Plus! for the avatar
> support (which I understand Gaim calls buddy icons).  Gaim doesn't
> appear to support it; does anyone know an MSN client that does?
> 2)  MSN groups.  The real reason she's bound to MSN; she runs several
> MSN groups and needs the chat room to work.  I think I can run IE6 on
> wine to solve this, but so far no success getting it to work.
> 3) Syncing Visor to Evolution.  Actually the only problem here is that
> the address book does not sync; everything else does.  Any suggestions?
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