[wellylug] Switching wife to Debian

Martin Bähr mbaehr at email.archlab.tuwien.ac.at
Mon May 3 06:38:43 NZST 2004

On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 03:40:53PM +1200, Brian Hoy wrote:
> At the risk of starting some sort of flame war, I will none the less ask the
> obvious question.  Why are you even bothering?  Presumably your missus is
> happy with her current setup otherwise she wouldn't need too much
> convincing.  Why create work for yourself to only recreate what she already
> has?

here is why i would bother:

i am the one who maintains all the computers, i don't want to bother
with windows. (when i moved into my grandmothers place, the first thing
i did on her computer was to replace windows with linux (that was in
1994) the windows copy was illegal anyways (the computer came with OS/2))

i want to support free software whereever i can.
if i am confident that a person will be reasonably happy with linux,
i'll encurage them to switch. (after i have encuraged them to try (eg
knoppix) and the result was positive)

to name a counter example: my dad is still sticking with windows.
he would like to use linux, but he can't deal with it yet.  i am to
far away to help, he doesn't want to ask for help anyways, and he wants
to do a lot of experimenting on his own. unfortunately the last thing is
very hard if you don't speak any english at all.

if i would still live at home, my dad would not even had a chance to
try windows.

greetings, martin.
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