[wellylug] PCLinuxOS

Chris Hodgetts chris at archnetnz.com
Mon May 3 08:08:01 NZST 2004

Sorry about the case sensitivity, I didnt even think about it when I wrote
the e-mail...

Hope it didnt cause too much confusion

> --- Chris Hodgetts <chris at archnetnz.com> wrote:
>> Username: Guest Password: Guest
>> Username: Root  Password: Root
>> Not a user of PCLinuxOS - but Brent showed me it yesterday with the
>> usernames and password :)
> Note: passwords are LOWER CASE (guest & root)
> see http://www.pclinuxonline.com/pclos/html/documentation.html
> A clever little LiveCD, very good support from the author & list, simple &
> tidy
> install to hard drive option, includes proprietary stuff like Nvidia
> drivers
> which auto install so you can play things like Chromium & Tuxracer. A good
> idea
> for a LiveCD which is supposed to be a demo to play with IMHO, as it shows
> what
> you can do, rather than what you can't.
> Package manager is still being developed, but I believe it is a version of
> synaptic which supports apt-get & rpm. Works very nicely through ibilio &
> manages dependencies pretty well.
> The other neat option is the included mklivecd, which supposedly allows
> you to
> create a new iso for a custom livecd after you add/remove packages to get
> the
> setup you want. I do plan to play with this some time :-)
> For those who want a Power Linux, prob inappropriate, but a good intro to
> Linux
> & LiveCD's.
> Brent
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