[wellylug] Thining about trying Debian again...

Centurion Computer Technology Ltd daniel at centurion.net.nz
Mon May 3 09:15:00 NZST 2004

Give UserLinux a try then.  It is a quick way to get an install of
debian unstable.  Be aware tho it is still under development and has
some issues, but I found it mostly useable with  a 2.6.4 kernel, and it
runs Unreal Tournament beautifully.  I believe Gnome 2.6 is going to be
added soon too.



On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 13:39, Jamie Dobbs wrote:
> Giveing some thought to useing Debian again but I want to be able to run certain apps which I am not sure are available in current builds for Debian.
> The apps I want to be able to run are:
> Evolution (preferably 1.4.6)
> Firefox 0.8
> Kopete
> And an up to date KDE and Gnome - what versions are available if I were to choose to try and run Testing (since I've been told it's pretty stable for day to day use).
> Thanks
> Jamie
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