[wellylug] Thining about trying Debian again...

JP jumbophut at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 2 15:13:59 NZST 2004

 --- Jamie Dobbs wrote: 

> Giveing some thought to useing Debian again but I
> want to be able to run certain apps which I am not
> sure are available in current builds for Debian.
Welcome back.

> The apps I want to be able to run are:
> Evolution (preferably 1.4.6)
In Debian testing (1.4.5)

> Firefox 0.8
In Debian testing (0.8-8)

> Kopete
In Debian testing (0.7.4)

> And an up to date KDE and Gnome - what versions are
> available if I were to choose to try and run Testing
> (since I've been told it's pretty stable for day to
> day use).

KDE 3.1.2
Gnome 2.4 (package.debian.org says 50, but
<http://www.linuxcompatible.org/story25922.html> says

I run stable, and find that with Mozilla and
OpenOffice backports it does everything I need.  Your
mileage may vary.


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