[wellylug] Winmodem Help

Jonathan Harker jharker at massey.ac.nz
Tue May 4 11:19:22 NZST 2004

PANDAX wrote:
> 1. I have no understanding of what to do next to use the modem driver to 
> make a connection. When I run Xandros's connection centre wizard the 
> driver is not found, so cannot use it. Can't seem to find any installed 
> comms program - what's a good test dialer?
> What do I need to do to use the winmodem?
> What should scripts rc2.d and rc3.d contain?

if /dev/ham exists, try making a symbolic link to /dev/modem

   ln -s /dev/ham /dev/modem

Your dial up wizard won't know to look for /dev/ham, but will probably find 
/dev/modem. if that doesn't work, try a /dev/ttyS[x] hack, eg.

   ln -s /dev/ham /dev/ttyS3

have a look and see what ttyS devices you already have, then pick the next 
highest number (or ttyS0 if you don't have any).

Hope that helps,

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