[wellylug] default browser in KDE (lazy question)

JP jumbophut at yahoo.co.in
Wed May 5 11:53:09 NZST 2004

 --- Ilia Pavlenko wrote: 

> Greetings.
> Just installed Mozilla FireFox - quite neat little
> browser. What's the
> easy way to make her default browser in KDE
> enviroment. (so when I click
> on the link in kmail- mozilla firefox comes up
> instead of konqueror).
> Is there a centralised way to set such thing ?
Under Debian, /etc/alternatives and
update-alternatives quite probably provides some way
to do this.

But since I know you normally run a 'from scratch'
system, I'm not sure how easy that will be to
implement for you.  You could have a look at it


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