[wellylug] Small business support

Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Wed May 5 19:28:18 NZST 2004

--- Sam Cannell <sam at plaz.net.nz> wrote:
> Would there be sufficient demand for Linux desktop support at the
> moment?

I don't believe so. It is getting closer, but I don't think Linux & general
desktop users are quite ready for each other yet.

> My feeling would have been that most businesses who use or are
> considering using Linux are doing so because they have someone within
> the business who knows enough about it to be able to do that sort of
> work themselves.

Not so sure overall. I think more businesses would use Linux servers
(file/mail/web/etc), firewalls, etc if they knew they could get support as
needed. So there may well be a niche, esp with all the worms floating around,
to set up more critical systems & firewalls using an OS which is less
vulnerable to the current problems.

I also believe many businesses may not be ready for Linux, but Open Office, 
& some carefully selected applications may be a different story. Office
licencing is more expensive than Windows, so there may be more of an opening
here. Once they are on OpenSource applications, the opportunity for Linux is
there next OS upgrade/fix from MS.

But I don't know about this as a reliable well paid sole job for a while yet.

> Hi
> Gustav and I are considering providing linux support to small
> businesses.
> The idea is to install PC's, set up the network and provide training 
> (on stuff like OpenOffice maybe GnuCash ...)

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