[wellylug] Small business support

Jamie Baddeley wellylug at vpc.co.nz
Wed May 5 20:01:50 NZST 2004

I think there is potential here. But you'd need to target your support
to certain things like the guys have suggested. Go for the low hanging
fruit first. Don't wave your hands around talking about broad
generalisations. *Think about a migration plan* for SME's i.e. OOo on MS
first, replace mail/web/security infrastructure with all penguin (tm).
Then look at the desktop. OOo familarity on MS will help this
transition. Another accounting package worth looking at is
http://sql-ledger.org/ - but take note of Carl's comments at the 'Fest -
it's gotta be abacus-jockey compatible.

And the kicker is to provide them a Linux Based IP PABX.
(www.asterisk.org). Sell vertically (i.e supply chain) to businesses
that depend on other, and they start to realise savings in this area

If you think you have the customers, and they have money, and that you
won't starve, then I think why not....

Don't approach SME's with this proposal with the pitch of "It'll cut
your costs!" because that doesn't do anyone any favours. "Service will
be absolutely superior!" is where it needs to be. You can not beat local
personal service.

Like the others, I am interested in other peoples views.


On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 19:54, Kris van der Merwe wrote:
> Hi
> Gustav and I are considering providing linux support to small businesses.
> The idea is to install PC's, set up the network and provide training 
> (on stuff like OpenOffice maybe GnuCash ...)
> Basically solve all their problems.
> Do you guys think this is viable?
> -- 
> Kris van der Merwe
> 445 Horokiwi road,  Horokiwi,
> Wellington 6008,  New Zealand

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