[wellylug] Small business support

Centurion Computer Technology Ltd daniel at centurion.net.nz
Thu May 6 09:15:42 NZST 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 19:54, Kris van der Merwe wrote:
> Hi
> Gustav and I are considering providing linux support to small businesses.
> The idea is to install PC's, set up the network and provide training 
> (on stuff like OpenOffice maybe GnuCash ...)
It's a poor market at the moment.  Being in the business already I find
that most of my Linux work is with existing customers looking for a way
to trial a solution without having to by M$ licenses.  I still end up
spending most of my time fixing windows problems.

> Basically solve all their problems.
> Do you guys think this is viable?
Not sure.  Knowing what I know now after 2+ years trying it, I would say
the market is very limited and already dominated by those who are
providing solutions without discrimination based on OS.

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