[wellylug] Red Hat launches desktop Linux

Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Thu May 6 07:35:16 NZST 2004

Interesting, & good news...

States that Linux had 2.6% of the _desktop_ market in 2002. Windows had 93%.

Assuming that most of the rest was Apple (?), it suggests that Linux desktops
are over half as common as Apple???

That is a much higher penetration than I'd thought in the desktop arena. I
think it likely that Apple numbers (excl Ipod) are pretty static, compared with
Linux growth, based on most reports I see, so Linux is getting real penetration
on the desktop. I'd like to know exactly where, though. 

Also, I'd thought the Red Hat switch to Fedora was to drop desktop & focus on
server Linux. A new desktop Linux product from Red Hat- what does this mean for

Gotta be good news for Linux though. Shame it came out 3 days after the 'fest


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