[wellylug] Red Hat launches desktop Linux

Klenner, Colin colin.klenner at eds.com
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Red Hat has targeted the business desktop for this initiative, not the home
user. Indications direct from Red Hat are that this offering will be in
licence bundles of 10, 50, etc and on an annual subscription basis.
Red Hat are talking up the management of desktops, and about providing a
suite of tools for that job. It follows that ths will recommend a Red Hat
RHEL Server in the background somewhere.
Also Red Hat are going to target Europe, where Suse has a strong presence.
Suse is owned by Novell, so it seems Red Hat are only targeting a Linux
competitor in what is becoming a linux-friendly market. This is the market
that has had the strongest growth for Linux, and is coming up in the medium
term for some major turnover of PC's as older ones reach 'end-of-life'.

So from the point of view of home users/ small business it changes nothing.
But from a market perspective it is still positive.

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Interesting, & good news...

States that Linux had 2.6% of the _desktop_ market in 2002. Windows had 93%.

Assuming that most of the rest was Apple (?), it suggests that Linux
desktops are over half as common as Apple???

That is a much higher penetration than I'd thought in the desktop arena. I
think it likely that Apple numbers (excl Ipod) are pretty static, compared
with Linux growth, based on most reports I see, so Linux is getting real
penetration on the desktop. I'd like to know exactly where, though. 

Also, I'd thought the Red Hat switch to Fedora was to drop desktop & focus
on server Linux. A new desktop Linux product from Red Hat- what does this
mean for Fedora? 

Gotta be good news for Linux though. Shame it came out 3 days after the


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