[wellylug] Configuring a modem

Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Thu May 6 17:25:22 NZST 2004

> One avenue I've been trying to follow up is that the driver is for kernel 
> 2.4.x - am I right in thinking the Fedora Core 1 runs kernel 2.6.0? Does 
> anyone know how to recompile the driver for 2.6.0? How do I find out what 
> kernel I'm using?

cat /proc/version 

will tell you the kernel version.

I'm not an expert on the Intel HaM modem chipset, but as far as I know, Intel
released the core drivers for kernel 2.4 in binary form. So, while freely
available, they are not Open Source. This pretty much means that until Intel
see fit to release 2.6 compatible drivers, you may well be out of luck. Nothing
to compile.

I have no real issue with software or hardware assisted modems. They work fine
& all do the job. The issue I have is with the lack of Open Source drivers, so
all the Linux developers out there can't do anything to make Linux more
compatible with the modems, it is up to the modem/chipset manufacturers to make
their hardware compatible with Linux. & unfortunately they don't do a very good

You will find an external modem will work perfectly & is trivial to set up. A
question of what your time is worth vs how much you enjoy the challenge.

Good luck,

  Brent Wood

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