[wellylug] whereabouts of Java Runtime Environment under mdk 10.0?

Enkidu enkidu at cliffp.com
Fri May 7 19:56:05 NZST 2004

On Fri, 7 May 2004 16:01:07 +1200, you wrote:

>I thought I would have a play with using the autopilot under Oo1.1.0, but got 
>the following error message "Open Office 1.1.0 was configured to use the JRE 
>located at /usr/lib/jdk-1.4.1.  This JRE was not found."
>How do I find where JRE is, assuming it was actually loaded as part of the 
>recent install process, and then how to move it to the directory Oo is 
>expecting, or else how to reconfigure Oo to look elsewhere for it?
At a command prompt 

"locate jdk | less"

when you find it, link it to the required location, don't move it.



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