[wellylug] Palm with Gnome

Jethro Carr dodocaptain at paradise.net.nz
Sun May 9 07:08:12 NZST 2004

hi all,

I just got a Tungsten E, and tried syncronising with my system.

On Redhat 9, I can syncronise calander, todo list, and contacts, but not
email or files. (this can be done in the newer version)

I tried to install the latest version of pilot-link, gnome-pilot &
gnome-pilot-conducts on my custom built system.

I can use pilot-link to recive info, so the palm can connect, but
gnome-pilot refuses to work, and often an error message occurs saying
"gpilotd has crashed due to a fatal error", however the software keeps
running, just unable to talk to the palm.

any ideas? I'm not sure if it's a problem with my system, or a bug with

thanks for any help,

-- Jethro

dodocaptain at paradise.net.nz


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