[wellylug] Linux on yourCV

Rob Giltrap rob at ubietygroup.com
Tue May 11 10:52:30 NZST 2004

David Zanetti wrote:

>>On Sat, May 08, 2004 at 04:39:41PM -0700, Wood Brent wrote:
>>>Interesting comments for those looking for Linux/UNIX jobs. They
>>>appear to make some sense, esp for job seekers with online CV's.
>>except the one about storing them in microsoft format.
>>there are places that reject you outright if you do that, and those kind
>>of places i would primarily be interested in.
>It talks about recruiters, and I know of no recruiter who would give you
>the time of day if you sent them an OpenOffice document, or a PDF, etc. 

When I worked for Sun Microsystems in the UK I hired many student 
interns... the CV ordering process went like this.

All CVs were to be sent via email.

1) If the CV was in MS format it was ignored
2) If it was in StarOffice/OpenOffice, PDF, plain text or HTML format it 
would be read by the reviewers just in our division.
3) If it was sent as a link to a website it would be read by the 
reviewers and posted to other divisions
4) If it was a link to a website which included some form of Java then 
it was a guaranteed interview

Every hiring season I had to go through hundreds of CVs, this was an 
effective way to whittle those down to a managable group. I probably 
missed some great CVs written in MS format but we tended to be pretty 
happy with out student hires so the system worked well enough.


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