[wellylug] Linux on yourCV

Jonathan Harker jharker at massey.ac.nz
Wed May 12 16:51:44 NZST 2004

Tim Thomson wrote:
> Enkidu wrote:
>> PDFs are evil.
> I agree they can be annoying, but what else is there that gives a
> consistant look across all platforms? Word documents written in
> OpenOffice don't often look right, RTF sucks, and as has been mentioned,
> html can end up weird in Outlook, as it sometimes opens it up in the email.
> What else is left? Plain text? Not really the way to impress HR people.
> ;)

Surely what kind of hammer you use depends on what kind of thing you're trying 
to nail to the floor.

If you have a document that you have to ensure that the output is identical no 
matter where people are viewing it, PDF is perfect, and is what it was 
designed for. It was designed as a publishing format, it was never envisioned 
as a word processing tool, hence "Portable Document Format". That's why when 
you've finished designing your document, you publish it to a PDF file, and 
you've automatically got yourself a file ready to go to both a printing press 
and a website.

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