[wellylug] NTop...

Chris Hodgetts chris at archnetnz.com
Sat May 22 20:49:28 NZST 2004

Just an NTOP query..

I have two network cards, eth0 for external and eth1 for internal

Does ntop actually send data, apart from DNS look ups, or does it just
sit an listern and read the data coming into the interface... 
If that makes any sense at all.

Why I am asking, is that when I had both eth0 and eth1 being monitored,
I was seeing things like Belkin and ANI Comunications INC, AboCom
Systems, Inc.  and things in the Host Information on the stats page.

I assume that because the cable network is just one big LAN, these
devices exists on the cable at others places on the same subnet as me.

could anyone shed any light on these :) - or is it OK to see this data?


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