[wellylug] Perl Training - June/July 2004

Alex wlug at viceconsulting.co.nz
Wed May 26 22:04:11 NZST 2004

Vice Consulting is pleased to announce we are now offering Perl 
training in June and July 2004.  We are offering a 5% discount to 
WLUG users.

Perl is a swiss army knife of scripting languages and essential to 
any Linux system administrator or power user.  Perl makes easy jobs 
easy and hard jobs possible.

It is particularly useful for system administration scripts, data and 
text file manipulation, database work and scientific data 
manipulation to name a few examples.

Perl ships with pretty much every Linux distribution.

We are offering two Perl courses - Perl Primer, an introductory 
course, and Intermediate Perl.  Perl can be used to achieve both 
simple and complex objectives.

Some of the things that can be done with Perl include:

- lowercase all files in a directory
- rename all files from one extension to another
- prompt end-user for input and write it to a file
- perform simple and advanced pattern matching using regular 
- interact with databases using the DBI module
- manipulate incoming email
- massage data
- format and output data easily
- countless other uses

The Perl Primer course introduces the basics, and Intermediate Perl 
builds and expands on Perl Primer.

Our Perl trainer will be giving a short presentation at the next WLUG 
meeting (14 June 2004), to showcase some of the things that can be 
done with Perl and to give the WLUG audience the opportunity to ask 
further questions.

Overview information on our Perl courses are available here:


For more in-depth information on our Perl Primer course, and to 
register online, please visit:


For more in-depth information on our Intermediate Perl course, and to 
register online, please visit:


If you register, please advise us via email at the time to receive a 
5% discount off the advertised price exclusive to WLUG members.

We will also be offering our popular PHP/MySQL again soon.  If you 
are interested in hearing updates regarding PHP/MySQL training, 
please add yourself to the notification list: 

Vice Consulting will also be bringing the public affordable Linux 
courses later in the year delivered by our RedHat Linux Certified 
Engineer trainer - watch this space.  If you are interested in 
hearing updates regarding Linux training, please add yourself to the 
notification list: http://www.viceconsulting.co.nz/notify.php?id=4.

We are also available for private training and consulting work in the 
following topics:

- Linux and related technologies
- Perl
- Open source technologies

For further information on private training options, please visit:


For further information on consulting options, please visit:


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have further enquiries.  
We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Weiss
Consultant: Vice Consulting
www.viceconsulting.co.nz - IT Training & Consulting Solutions

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