[wellylug] Advertisment, was: Perl Training - June/July 2004

andrej at paradise.net.nz andrej at paradise.net.nz
Thu May 27 08:46:17 NZST 2004

Quoting Chris Hall <chrishall at orcon.net.nz>:

> members which BTW would be hard to prove as we have no 
> membership registration yet. I had to join the Dunedin 
> LUG to obtain a membership number so that I could get 
> the discount offered for Xandros.
Guess it's a bit of a life-style choice ;)
I prefer to make decisions based on needs,
not on flyers thatr whet my appetite.

If there were an area on the WLUG site that allows
posting of such offers I'd actively go and seek them
if I feel the urge to purchase something (goods or

I dislike people banging my door trying to sell
stuff to me, same applies for e-Mails. Even if
it's linux-related, it's still SPAM :}


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