[wellylug] mdk 10 - 2.6 kernel + bluetooth + usb2

Brenda O'Hagan brenda at wallace.net.nz
Thu May 27 14:56:20 NZST 2004

i've noticed the 2.6 kernel in the mdk10 official isos has bluez/bluetooth 
missing. i'm too lazy to complile my own so i went back to 9.2's 2.4 kernel

I have a friend installing mdk10 tonight - they're new to linux

does anyone know if the mdk10 kernel supports usb2? it'll be a bit of a 
marketing failure is my friend finds it doesn't - he'll probably go straight 
back to winXP....

how do you find out what a kernel rpm supports?? is there some way to query, 
or do you need to install and boot it?

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