[wellylug] Logging in as root in Mnd 10 - mistake

Colin Iles colin at top.net.nz
Mon May 31 09:24:19 NZST 2004

In the most recent list of topics is a request from me about logging in
as root GUI.

Sorry to bother people with this but I solved the problem and thought
that I had deleted the message so was surprised to see it listed.

Hopefully this will be posted before anyone goes to the trouble of
working it out for me, but if there is anyone else having the same
problem here is how I did it:

Start/System/Configuration/KDE/system/Login Manager
Enter Root password and in the dialogue box go to Users
Select Not hidden and remove x in the appropriate places below the list
of hidden users

Now you can take risks and get the adrenalin going!

Damon, you asked why do I need to do this? In fact I do have it set up to login automatically as myself.  But I missed the opportunity to logout and back in as ROOT GUI if I wanted to.  The main reason I guess is that being a newbie, some things seem easier this way!  I know - horrors! I´ll get over it eventually as I learn more about the command line.

Anyway my thanks to you Damon, for both your answers, and to Glen and Jethro for your suggestions regarding login failure.  I will try them all as the opportunity arises and report back.
And Damon you are correct - it is an nVidia card: NV11 Geforce2MX/MX400.  Seems Mnd 10 has a problem with these which previous Mnd versions did not!

I am very impressed by the ready assistance of so many people on this list - thanks again

Colin I

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