[wellylug] Sun's JDS (was Re: Fedora Core 2)

Jamie Baddeley wellylug at vpc.co.nz
Mon May 31 23:45:31 NZST 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 23:30, Rob Giltrap wrote:
> Jamie Baddeley wrote:
> >That's interesting. I've basically read consistently bad reviews for
> >JDS. Why does it appeal to you?
> >
> >jamie
> >
> It appeals for a few reasons.
> 1) I do some work for Sun Microsystems so I need to keep the faith
> 2) I have access to their internal roadmaps so I know what the future is 
> (and yes I am limited to what I can tell you!)
> 3) JDS Version 1 is crapola no doubt, but it really was more about 
> establishing the processes to deliver the product rather than the actual 
> end product itself
> 4) JDS Version 2 is the same crappy base but introduces APOC 
> (centralised admin) which is way cool for implementing JDS into an 
> organisation with many desktops
> 5) JDS Version 3 is going to have all the latest bells and whistles but 
> will also be rigourously tested and will be awesome for large scale 
> rollouts. This is the one to look out for.
> 6) JDS comes with all the extra proprietary bits pre installed (fonts, 
> codecs etc)
> 7) JDS is going to be tested and integrated with SunRay technology which 
> is an awesome ultra thin client technology (like LTSP but much much better)
> 8) Sun has already sold millions of licences for JDS, it is getting a 
> lot of traction in large businesses and looks to be a huge success.
> 9) Some stuff is going to be annouced this week in Shanghai which makes 
> it even more appealing (stay tuned).
> 10) The best thing about JDS is that it is focused on delivering value 
> to the IT Manager by focusing on the needs of the Systems Admin, the SA 
> is more of the customer than the actual end user. Because of that focus 
> Sun has some cool developments in store (which of course are being 
> returned to the OS community)
> Cheers, Rob.
Yes, but does it come with a free set of Ginsu Knives?



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