[wellylug] Linux on laptops

Donald Gordon don at dis.org.nz
Mon Sep 20 10:30:33 NZST 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 13:38:23 +1200
"Sam Cannell" <sam at plaz.net.nz> wrote:

> Potato?  Phfft .. noob. ;)

I did install bo once.  But at the time, I decided that I preferred Slackware.

\cite{Richard's comment on top-posters}

> I had a 486 laptop with 3.5 meg of ram.  The Potato installer needs more
> ram than that, so I had to use the lowmem bootdisk from Slink which let
> you create a small partition, copy the installer floppy into it and run
> it all from disk.  Once I'd done the slink install, I dist-upgraded to
> Potato.

I once installed a very cut-down distro (kernel 1.0.9) that I can no
longer remember the name of on my Toshiba T2000SXe (20Mhz 386SX, 2MB
RAM).  It took a day to recompile the kernel, and I didn't try running
X.  Slackware 3.5 wouldn't work at all on that machine; it seemed to die
during the boot process despite a successful install, which I think
required manual partitioning and swapon-ing before starting the


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