[wellylug] Debian Apt Sources

Ewen McNeill wellylug at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Thu Aug 4 12:03:47 NZST 2005

In message <1123112752.20004.54.camel at localhost.localdomain>, Jamie writes:
>On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 11:41 +1200, David Antliff wrote:
>> >  [works: ]
>> >  deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian sid main non-free contrib
>> Ah, that would have been my problem - I was using 'unstable' instead of 
>> 'sid'. I wonder if that was deprecated recently? 
>using names is always better than the 'status' as people will attest who
>recently got caught by the recent woody/sarge stable/stable transition.

unstable is a symlink to sid, so they're effectively the same thing.  I
suspect you either got a different mirror (see my earlier post) or the
mirror you were contacting caught up in the meantime.

sid is the naughty kid next door (think "Toy Story", which is where all
the Debian release names come from), and Debian have said that sid will
always stay as unstable.  So the two names are effectively identical.

For actual releases, however, I do strongly recommend explicitly saying
"woody" or "sarge" or "etch", rather than "stable" or "testing".  About
the only exception would be if you explicitly want to track "testing"
to say pretty current (a somewhat safer proposition now that there's
a testing security process -- the Debconf5 talk on testing security is
quite interesting BTW).


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