[wellylug] "The quart-annual top-posting debate" was: Setting up a simple web server

Phillip Hutchings sitharus at sitharus.com
Tue Aug 9 21:44:00 NZST 2005

Because they're silly
> You have to wonder, if top-posting is such a bad thing, why most  
> mail clients default to putting the cursor at the top of the reply  
> when replying to emails.

The OSS ones are easy,  fix LookOut and I'll be impressed. Gmail as  
> Perhaps if it bothers you enough, you post-order zealots should  
> submit patches to evolution, thunderbird, mutt and probably emacs  
> too to send the cursor to the bottom of the post when replying to  
> mail.

I've seen many more irritating things than top posting, but I tend to  
get around it by trimming the emails. There's no excuse to quote the  
whole thread, that's why I have an 8000 email archive from WellyLUG -  
so I can scan back if I want.
> I'm actually half-serious about this, since if it took more effort  
> to top-post, I doubt hopelessy lazy a**holes like me would ever do it.

Phillip Hutchings
phillip.hutchings at sitharus.com

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