[wellylug] Linux as selling point.

Phillip Hutchings sitharus at sitharus.com
Sat Aug 13 14:01:34 NZST 2005

> Granted, but, as I have said, what if all you did was download a
> stock-standard copy of the source code from the developer of that  
> source
> code, and then compile it, and then embed the results into a  
> gadget, and
> sell copies of that gadget?

You've agreed to the GPL and must adhere to its requirements.

> Even better - what if you downloaded a binary from the developers
> website and embedded *that* binary into your gadget and sold copies of
> *that* gadget?

You've agreed to the GPL and must adhere to its requirements.

> In that case you've not even seen the original source code.

The GPL doesn't make a differentiation on what you've downloaded. You  
_MUST_ make the source available to anyone who has the executable.

> What is the difference between a manufacturer *using* Open Source
> software embedded within a hardware device to make its device work,  
> and,
> for example, RedHat taking somebody else's software, and  
> distributing it
> further for other persons to use as they wish?


> I am, of course, discussing the usage or distribution of unmodified
> software.

The GPL makes no differentiation between modified and non-modified  
distribution. Only the distribution matters, and if you do sell  
anything with GPL software on in any form you must supply the source  
on request.

Phillip Hutchings
phillip.hutchings at sitharus.com

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