[wellylug] Linux as selling point.

David Murray newslists at electronincantation.net.nz
Sat Aug 13 14:29:16 NZST 2005

On Sat, 2005-08-13 at 14:01, Phillip Hutchings wrote:
> > What is the difference between a manufacturer *using* Open Source
> > software embedded within a hardware device to make its device work,  
> > and, for example, RedHat taking somebody else's software, and  
> > distributing it further for other persons to use as they wish?
> None.

Um... I don't understand your answer to this question.

Surely if a manufacturer is using the same software then it is pointless
the manufacturer also distributing the identical software in multiple
copies to everybody else.

It is more efficient to simply point to the source and say "I got it
from there. You too can get it from there".


David Murray

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